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Jays Iron Works is a family owned business with honesty and integrity as their number one goal. We offer iron fence and gate painting, balcony painting, and outdoor stairwell painting. There are many times where a fence can have the rusty areas removed and new metal put in along with a coat of paint to restore and preserve the fence.

The process we use to paint is very unique. We apply all the paint by hand using a microfiber mitt. This is not only to ensure proper thickness but also giving it a beautiful finish.

We can take a fence that has a rusting post, pickets or rails. Then cut that area out and replace it with new metal prime and paint those areas to save you a large amount compared to replacement.

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Our team of professionals are highly skilled at decorative wrought iron fencing services. We only use the best products and provide top quality service when working on your fence. All of our professionals are highly trained, skilled and courteous when working on your property.

We understand your needs and work diligently to finish the job on time and with as little interruption to your day as possible. We are also here to answer your questions and let you know about the progress of the work.

If something should come up, such as a weather delay or other any other incident, we will let you know immediately. Our communication with our customers takes top priority at Jays Iron Works.

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